Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 13: Focus - Focus II (Moving Waves) (1971)

If you happened to have heard of Focus, it would have been because of this ridiculous, hilarious, awesome video.

The ridiculous yodelling and falsetto goofiness aside, the music is awesome. So I grabbed the rest of the album which that song is the opener for, and I was pretty blown away by how great it was. Almost the rest of the album is completely instrumental (thankfully), but most of the record after that song is really mellow and beautiful. Some really great classical guitar and piano with some flute playing in there as well, the album is just gorgeous. Reminds me a lot of I Talk to the Wind in parts, which is awesome.

Even when the singing comes back in later tracks, it is beautiful and clear, in the vein of the middle section of Close to the Edge. Definitely check this out.

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