Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 12: Nurse With Wound - Space Music (2009)

Nurse With Wound, if you've not heard of him, is basically the main outlet of Steve Stapleton since the late 70's or so. They have tons and tons of albums, many of them being fairly different than the others.

This one, Space Music, is a 54 minute track of eerie, ambient sort of electronic noise. It sounds like something you'd play in the background of a sci fi haunted house or something. Or maybe an instrumental break in a Vektor song, haha. I later found out it was actually commissioned music for a planetarium, so there you have it. Anyways it's kind of interesting, but hard to hold your attention with something that ambient for a full hour. Being in the mood for it, it could make some cool background music but overall, pretty meh.

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